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Published a fully opiniated nextjs starter

May 08, 2019

It is a basic and fully opiniated template that consists of the essential elements that are required to start building a NextJs application.


I end up doing the same setup, config for my projects repeatedly even for my personal projects which I code when I am bored or not. And it is way too often. So I decided to template all those things suiting for my personal approach. Feel free to give it a try here: https://github.com/s-kris/skris-next-starter

The template consists of:

  • a typcial project layout structure for nextjs
  • eslint setup and configuration
  • the main React components to get started
  • SEO via next-head
  • css-in-js via emotion
  • theming
  • global state managment via react-easy-state
  • typography.js

Kyle Mathews

Written by Sai Krishna who loves to build new stuff. Sometimes not really useful but cool stuff. Previously built SpotPlay, mHotspot, reymusic.co
You can find him on Twitter and Github

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